War on Afrin


Turkey is invading Afrin, a democratically self-administrated region in North Syria, governed by locally-elected councils, and hosts more than 250,000 IDPs from the other Syrian cities. 

In the last few days, Turkish president Receb Tayyib Erdogan threatened to wipe out Afrin Region, and promised to destroy the self-administration in Afrin, and eliminate their defense force, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is according to the International Coalition Against Daesh, the most effective and committed force in confronting the terrorism in Syria.

Erdogan accuses Kurds of Syria of being “terrorists” despite the Kurdish officials have affirmed on several occasions in the recent years that they have no interest in harming or attacking Turkey, and respects Turkey’s territorial integrity; the forces of North Syria have never practiced any form of threat or aggression or harm towards the State of Turkey and its borders.

The attack on Afrin undermines the fight against Daesh, and does not push the region to desired stability, but into chaos and more destruction, and serves Daesh interests.

The attack by Turkey is a blatant and unwarranted act of aggression aiming at murdering innocent families and IDP’s, displacing people of Afrin, damaging priceless historical artifacts, bombing civil infrastructure, and destroying a peaceful and democratically governed region.


  • Turkish regime’s flagrant violation of the rules of international law. FILE.
 Gallery of Turkey’s crimes in Afrin:

A video taken in Afrin Region recently shows Turkish soldiers (and affiliated FSA) gruesomely executing a citizen and looting his tractor.

07 March 2018
Turkish army randomly bombs Sheran district in Afrin, following scorched-earth policy.

22 January 2018
Turkish army randomly bombs Jandairis district in Afrin.