The Democratic Federation of North Syria was founded on the principles of gender equality, ethnic and religious tolerance, sustainable ecology, and self-defense. There are many different ethnicities and religious groups living together peacefully in North Syria, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Turkmen, Circassians, Armenians, and more. 

The region has implemented a new democratic system of government and created an autonomous rule model as a solution for the rest of the Syrian regions, called Democratic Con-federalism, designed to protect and support human rights for all people living in North Syria. 

The government works from the bottom up, ensuring that all people at every level of society are always represented in decision making processes.

Erdogan has declared war on Syrian Kurdish population.

NATO’s member, Turkey, is invading Afrin, a democratically self-governed region in North Syria.

The canton of Afrin has been the most secure and safe region in Syria for its inhabitants despite the embargo. It is democratically governed by locally-elected councils and it hosts more than 300,000 IDPs from the other Syrian cities.

We implore the international community to act in the name of peace and justice, and work to halt this Turkish offensive with such efforts as instituting a no-fly zone over Afrin, sending a team of UN observers, or providing peace-keeping troops to secure the Turkish-Syrian border.