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The self-administration in north and east Syria was founded on the principles of gender equality, ethnic and religious tolerance, sustainable ecology, and legal self-defense. There are many different ethnicities and religious groups living together peacefully in North Syria, including Kurds, Syriacs-Assyrians, Arabs, Armenians; Muslims, Christians, Yezidis, and more.

The people of the region have implemented a new democratic system of government and created an autonomous rule model, and proposed as a solution for the rest of the Syrian regions, called the Democratic Self-Administration, designed to protect and support human rights for all peoples living in north and east Syria.

The government works from the bottom up with percentage-based systems of representation for both minorities and gender, ensuring that all people at every level of society are always represented in decision making processes.


Liberal Union of Kurdistan
Party of the Patriotic Gathering of Kurdistan (PKNK)
Kurdistan Green Party
Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria
Syriac Union Party (SUP)
Democratic Union Party (PYD)
Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM)
Rojava’s Kongra Star (confederation of women’s organisations in Syria)
Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (PYDKS)
Syriac Women Union in Syria
Arab National Board
Democratic Assyrian Party
Syriac Cultural Association
Party of Modernity and Democracy for Syria
Syrian National Democratic Alliance
Innovative Kurdistan Movement
Movement for Reform
Yezidi House in Syria
Kurdish Syrian Democratic Party
Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria
Kurdish Left Party in Syria
Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria
Religious Board for Christian Affairs
Union of Muslim Scholars
Kurdistan Democratic Change Party
Kurdistan Communist Party
Kurdistan Labors Party
Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party
Families of Martyrs Organisation
Free Woman’s Association in Rojava
Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party
Rojava Youth Union
Bureau of Arab Youth
Elders and Sheiks Council in Tel Abyad (Girê Spî)
Elders and Sheiks Council in Shahba
Indepedent figures from all components