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Press conference in Brussels on the extradition of IS members

On Wednesday, the co-chair of external relations commission, Mr. Abdul Karim Omar, called on European governments to take back European citizens who had joined the Islamic State (IS) and were arrested by the security forces in north Syria.

“So far, no European government has taken back their citizens” Mr. Omar said during a press conference organized by the Kurdish Institute in Brussels. “The United States, Sudan, Russia, and Indonesia have taken back some of their citizens.”

“We had communication with the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they were interested in the extradition of only the children,” Omar said, adding “we believe that women and their children shouldn’t be separated when it goes against their will.”

He stated during the conference that the self-administration region now holds 790 foreign IS fighters, 584 women, and over 1,200 children from 46 different countries.

“The countries those detainees come from are not carrying out their responsibilities for taking their citizens back, and thus leave all the burden on the shoulders of the self-administration that faces serious threats and aggression from the Turkish state. The presence of those detainees in our region is dangerous on our security and the security of the countries they come from, because of the instability in the country, and Turkey’s threats on our region that may lead to chaos and escape of the detainees. ”

Omar noted that the press conference was held to highlight the issue and “call on those countries to act.”

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