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Turkey fights Euphrates’ people with water

The Co-Chair of Executive Council of Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area, Hind al-Ali, said that Turkey is devouring the lives of tens of thousands of civilians by cutting the Euphrates River.

Hind al-Ali considered Turkish practices indirect war against people who depend on the Euphrates water to secure their livelihood.

Since then, Turkish state has been holding Euphrates River through dams set up on the river in areas under its control, most notably Ataturk Dam.

In this context, the Co-chair of Executive Council of Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa, Hind al-Ali, described the practices of Turkish authorities towards the people of the area in general as “Indirect war, which is a war that not only moves sleeping cells working at night to overthrow the achievements of liberation, but also a war operating day and night to disturb the lives of tens of thousands of people of the area by the detention of Euphrates water.

Al-Hurriya Dam administration in the southeast of al-Tabqa and Euphrates dam in al-Tabqa city has warned of the consequences of the Euphrates water detention, where tens of thousands of local people depend on the river water to irrigate their crops, a major source of income for the population along Euphrates River.

On the repercussions of Turkish practices, al-Ali said “The first impact on the simple Euphrates citizen who suffered from the long interruption of drinking water due to the significant decrease in water level in the leak wells.”

International laws stipulate the need for equitable and equal sharing of shared water resources between more than one town, where Euphrates River passes through territory under Turkish control, Syria and Iraq.

The Co-chair of Executive Council in al-Tabqa said that the continuation of this policy “forced the local government to regulate the hours of providing electricity to the citizens by half.”

Euphrates Dam feds al-Tabqa with electricity around the clock, but it codified the hours of supplying the area with electricity after the low level of Euphrates River due to Turkish practices.

Al-Ali said that “the sole goal of these hostile policies of Turkey is to undermine the democratic experience in the area and to stop the wheel of development, which began circulating for many months.”

Euphrates River feeds millions of people with potable water especially in Deir ez-Zor in northeastern Syria, through al-Raqqa and Tabqa amid Syria, and fed Aleppo province in northwest Syria.


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