YPG: Russia is responsible for the bloodshed in Afrin

The General Command of People’s Defense Units (YPG) today issued a written statement on the collusion of the Russia government with the Turkish occupation forces in the attack on Afrin Region.

The statement:

“Since 47 days, the Turkish state and its terrorist Jihadist affiliated gangs of Jabhet al-Nusra, ISIS, are launching a brutal and scorched-earth-policy war on Afrin Canton, and are using the most advanced technology.
The airspace of Afrin canton, was under the protection of the Russian Federation. Without Russian approval, Turkish warplanes could not penetrate the Syrian airspace and carry out airstrikes and attacks on Afrin.
It is clear that the government of the Russian Federation is complicit with the Turkish State in allowing the invasion of Afrin, and committing massacres against its peaceful people. This Russian complicity, came after attempts to blackmail People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the self-administration in Afrin, in order to impose its own agendas, which don’t serve or benefit the Syrian people.
The government of the Russian Federation by agreeing with the Erdogan’s regime to carry out ethnic cleansing and forcible displacement of the people in Afrin, is a partner with the Turkish state in shedding the blood of Afrin’s innocent people.
We, in the General Command of People’s Defense Units, call on the government of the Russian Federation to review its decision in allowing Turkey to invade Afrin, and to not participate in the killing of our people, and destroying our towns and villages.
We also call upon Russian people to exert pressure on their government to prevent them from proceeding with this scheme, which did not serve the Russian people and ask it to back down immediately.”

Media Office
Mar 7, 2018

YPG: Russia is responsible for the bloodshed in Afrin

Erdogan has declared war on Syrian Kurdish population.

NATO’s member, Turkey, is invading Afrin, a democratically self-governed region in North Syria.

The canton of Afrin has been the most secure and safe region in Syria for its inhabitants despite the embargo. It is democratically governed by locally-elected councils and it hosts more than 300,000 IDPs from the other Syrian cities.

We implore the international community to act in the name of peace and justice, and work to halt this Turkish offensive with such efforts as instituting a no-fly zone over Afrin, sending a team of UN observers, or providing peace-keeping troops to secure the Turkish-Syrian border.