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People heavily returning to al-Raqqa during two months

People heavily returning to al-Raqqa during two months

AL-RAQQA- After liberating al-Raqqa city by Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) fighters from IS gangs, the number of people who have been returning to their homes is increasing a day by day, and the number of the returnees reached 14,500 families in 3 neighborhoods in the city.MIHMED SELIBI

After al-Raqqa city has been liberated from IS mercenaries, and 3 neighborhoods have been cleared of mines, the people returned to their homes again, and the number of the returnee families reached 14,500 families till Monday, and the number is still increasing gradually.

The returnee people to al-Raqqa are distributed to 3 neighborhoods as following: In al-Mushlab neighborhood 8,000 families including 23 orphan families with no father nor mother, in al- Rumailah neighborhood 5,000 families, and

in al-Tayar neighborhood 1,500 families including 60 orphan families. Moreover, the number of the people is still increasing.MIHMED NUR

Hawar news agency obtained these statistics from the local councils formed by al-Raqqa Civil Council, namely the councils of al-Mushlab, al-Tayar , and al-Rumailah neighborhood.

For his part, the co-chair of the People’s Council in al-Mushlab neighborhood Mohammed al-Shebli said, “we in this council serve our people within the available possibilities, and our people in the neighborhood of Mushlab are returning a day after day to their homes after they have suffered during the period of displacement. Al-Mushlab neighborhood has become the main point where the people depend on to insure their needs after the opening of industrial and trade shops there, and because it became safe and free of mines.”

The member of the People’s Council in al-Tayar neighborhood Mohammad Nour said, “after the return of our people to al-Tayar neighborhood, we started working on their service, and we are insuring drinking water through the tanks of the al-Raqqa Civil Council. In the coming days, the fuel will be provided to the people.”

The head of the People’s Council in al-Rumailah neighborhood said in the end of his speech, “a day by day, the number of people in al-Rumailah neighborhood is increasing as it is the third neighborhood where its people returned to. And there is a great pressure by the returnees to al-Rumailah neighborhood every day about 100 families, but we will provide as much as possible.”



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