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What is Ain Issa camp refugees’ situation, what are their demands?

GIRÊ SIPÎ – Thousands of refugees who fled from conflict and death headed toward Ain Issa camp, they suffered inside the camp facing many problems, and the refugees described the situation saying “every night passes without blankets and mattresses in the tents is like thousand nights for us.”

Ain Issa camp is one of the camps in North Syria crowded with refugees and displaced people fleeing the battles. With the bitter days and the beautiful days their lives continue in the camp.

Ain Issa camp is a shelter for 20,000 displaced people

Ain Issa camp have received 20.000 refugees who fled various Syrian areas that witnessed conflicts, battles, and destruction like Deir ez-Zor, Homs, Hama, al-Raqqa and Iraqi previously. Moreover, Iraqi refugees who fled the massacres of IS gangs existed in the camp. The number of the refugees reached 28,900 families, but after al-Raqqa people returned to their homes, the number decreased.

The Ain Issa camp administration provides all services to the refugees

The camp is administrated by a co- chairman; Jalal Ayyaf and Sherin Moses in coordination with al-Raqqa Civil Council. The administration organizes and manages all tasks and works of displaced persons, and provides facilities for the displaced persons who want to leave the camp for work or treatment in a private hospital. The administration also organizes and detect the displaced families’ records in the camp to provide them with assistances and supplies including tents, blankets, furniture, and household items.

The administration, in coordination with al- Raqqa Civil Council, provides water and electricity services in the camp dividing the distribution of water inside the camp into two sections, a section where large water tanks are installed, each tank can holds 25 barrels of water, and in the other part of the camp, water is daily distributed through tanks. Moreover, all the tents in the camp get electricity through panels that generate electricity on solar energy.

Al-Raaq Civil Council in coordination with the Democratic Syria Council (SDC) in Ain Issa district opened the first school on October 31 in the camp for the children to continue education. The school consists of four large tents, and is currently receiving more than 500 students.

The cold is ruthless

As Winter has come, the refugees in the camp are suffering from extreme cold so that the tents in which they live cannot withstand rain, Winter, storms, and extreme cold as there are no insulation and blankets to protect tents from wind and rain. There are also ruined tents where many displaced people build a wall of mud and stones to protect their small tents and avoid water leakage into them in the coming days that may withstand storms and heavy rains.

The displaced persons and refugees are suffering from the lack of winter blankets and household items in their tents. Many children are suffering from many diseases and facing shortages of medicines at the camp’s medical points.

The displaced people receive their food in places designated for distribution

In the beginning of the food distribution period, thousands of displaced people move to the places determined by the camp’s kitchen where 52 cookers are allocated by the administration. They distribute food equally to all families, and food is provided according to the number of members of each family.

The administration of Ain Issa camp appeals to organizations to provide winter assistances

To provide support and winter assistance to the displaced, the Co –chairman of camp Administration Jalal Ayaf of all humanitarian organizations called for support. “Displaced people in the camp need the most assistance by winter, especially blankets,” he said

“The aid that is being distributed is not enough for the displaced,” Ayaf said. “We appeal to the organizations to build a buffer wall for the camp, which is equipped for the expected winter storms.

Displaced people are asking the world to look into their situation and help them

The displaced people of the camp called on all sides and countries in support of humanity to help them in the camp face cold and their children are suffering from diseases because of the limit of winter clothes and blankets to warm them, and every night pass without blankets and mattresses inside tents, which is about a thousand nights.


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