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High commission distributed ballot boxes to election centers in Qamishli canton


High Electoral Commission in Northern Syria distributed 209 ballot boxes to 94 electoral centers in the city of Qamişlo, in addition to the towns of Karbawya and Al- Tanouriya

In preparation for the electoral process of the local administration councils, which will begin on Friday, December 1, the Electoral Commission distributed the ballot boxes to all the ballot boxes in Qamişlo canton and the towns of Karabawia and al-Tanouriya.

The number of polling stations in the entire canton of QamiŞlo has reached 94, with 209 ballot boxes distributed.

According to the Electoral Commission, the ballot boxes were sorted as follows:

60 boxes in 20 centers in the town of Karabawiya, 11 boxes on 5 centers in the Al- Tanouriya town, 66 boxes in 33 centers in the east district, and 72 boxes in 36 centers in the western district.


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