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Societal tradition and gender based violence

al-Shahba – The men and women of al-Shahba canton have pointed out that the violence ongoing against women is the result of the outdated customs and traditions in the society, and what worsened the situation is the mentality of the mercenary gangs who controlled the area and enslaved the women stressing that the system of Free Women Union of al-Shahba includes positive bases to reinforce women’s will and strengthen their personalities.

As the 25th November that marks the International Day of Combating Violence against Women approached, Hawar news agency in al-Shahba canton in Afrin region has observed the views of the Arab men and women in the canton about the phenomenon of violence practiced against women.

In this context , one of the women of al-Shahba canton who preferred to not reveal her name avoiding the familial problems said “I am one of the women who has been subjected to violence by many sides, and in the family, all of our requests are rejected for being women, and we always have to accept what men impose on us, and if we would not obey them, the consequences would be dire.”

While the citizen Khadija Hayyany said “The classic nature of our society that gives in the women to all the orders of men, especially those who are temperamental, or who believe that their masculinity lies in striking women. Even going women out alone is considered a flaw. All of these are the reason of escalating violence against women”.
For her part, Shamsa Ahmed pointed out that women in the society are subjected to humiliation and beatings. The reason for this is the ignorance of customs, traditions and thought prevailing within the society. Shamsa demanded the concerned institutions to work more raising the awareness of the society and defending women’s rights.

The women in al-Shahba have praised the role of Kongra Star Organization and the other women’s organizations that publish women’s laws and defend the women’s rights, and through which, women gradually see the strength of their personalities, and dare to demand their rights concerning equality and freedom.

Environment, customs and traditions and ignorance are the reasons of violence against women

“There is no humane person would agree on practicing violence against women, but the environment in which we grew up in addition to the backward customs and traditions are considered the most important reasons of violence against women noting that even the divine books call for gender equality,” Taha al-Atrash said.

The citizen Mustafa al-Doctor said that the reasons of practicing violence against women rely in the ignorance of the thought of the environment in which the individual grew up, as well as the practices of some mercenary gangs that have controlled their area in the recent years such as IS and other mercenary gangs who have deepened the mentality of slavery to women. Mustafa also said “women and the current system that is being applied by the Free Women Union of al-Shahba canton must be respected. That system shows positive foundations for strengthening women’s will and strengthening their personalities to stand against the obstacles that oppose women in our society and to change its minds positively.”

This article was published by ANHA ajency and the views and ideas are solely those of the author(s) and are provided here for informational purposes. The article is available HERE.

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