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Statement of Raqqa Forum on Social and Tribal Activities

We, the elders and representatives of the tribes in the province of Raqqa, from all components, announce to the public that we have held this extensive and important meeting in the name of the Raqqa Forum on Social and Tribal Activities, as we are passing through a historic and fateful stage in liberating our city from the abomination that is international terrorism, and looking forward to liberating the so-called capital of the Caliphate. We are pleased to announce this meeting, held by the representatives of all Arab tribes, including sheikhs, dignitaries, scholars, women, and youth, in preparation for the joy of liberation and the final victory over global terrorism.

On this occasion, we would like to thank the guests from all regions of North Syria for supporting us, as well as those who stood with us through difficult times, highlighting the unity of the Syrian people.

We also thank People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and all other components of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who have sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our region from forces of darkness. In addition, we thank the Global Coalition Against Daesh, which has supported the Syrian Democratic Forces. Our thanks also go to the Syrian Democratic Council, which supported and continues to support us in the fields of politics, services, and logistical aid. Our thanks also go to the efforts of the internal security forces, who have kept their promises to ensure and maintain the security and safety of all citizens.

In the end of our deliberations and discussions, and after reading the letters of the political, social, and civil institutions, as elders and dignitaries of the tribes we have reached the following declaration:

  • We continue supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that have liberated our regions from the terrorist Jihadist groups, and maintain that theirs is the only guarantee for securing our regions now and in the future.


  • We continue supporting the Raqqa Civilian Council that has worked so effectively to make all possible efforts in all fields to enable the organization of hundreds of villages and towns, as well as taking a political role in delivering our voice to the world. We will administer our region through this civilian council following full liberation from Daesh terrorists.


  • The tyrant Ba’ath regime, some regional forces, and the terrorist armed groups that are intervening in the Syrian people’s affairs, are working hard to plant sectarianism, racism, and hostilities among the diverse peoples of the region. Therefore, we declare our commitment to the policy of pardon and tolerance so that our province, Raqqa, becomes an example and a model of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples.


  • We will memorialize the great sacrifices of youth and women in the battle of the liberation. Those heroes, with their great determination in fighting terrorism, have proven to be the examples of leadership that we need to lead a free society.


  • We call on our people abroad to come back to the province to operate and build it together to create a free and democratic way of life.


  • We will do our best to reconstruct our city by ourselves. But due to the massive devastation of the city, some of the reconstruction lies beyond our capabilities, and so we call on all countries that love freedom, peace, and countering terrorism, including the countries involved in the Anti-Daesh Global Coalition, to support and provide aid to the people of Raqqa, either directly or through governmental and civil organizations.


  • We continue to communicate and work jointly with all Syrian provinces, especially the provinces of North Syria to consolidate the concepts of coexistence and brotherhood in a democratic pluralistic decentralized federal Syria.



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